About the platform

The first digital audio platform

Klax Ads is an audio advertising platform that presents the advertiser's offers through the audio program. The advertisement is broadcast depending on the time and location of the target customer.

It creates a new generation by displaying advertisements in an audio way that will reach consumers at key moments of their journeys presence near the advertised brand, which makes the targeting ring closer to the brand. and that helps:

  • Brand Growth: Get more customers to the brand's locations
  • Build awareness: Increasing customer awareness of the brand, its offers, and its location
  • Expand your reach: Communicate with more clients at the right time and place

It works through an application that is downloaded to the mobile phone by drivers in various types of public and private transportation and broadcasts advertisements depending on the movement of the car as the ads stop when the car stops, and this works the all over Egypt This application is Features by the ease of operation to be more convenient for users of the application, where the user only connects the phone to the car via Bluetooth or using the AUX connection the application will work automatically, and it also provides them with a financial profit KlaxAds depends on standing in the position of a win-win situation


  • Advertising a different way from the usual traditional advertisements, which makes it more attractive to the listener's attention
  • Communicate with its target audience more widely. It targets different types of cars such as "public transportation - buses taxis - drivers of different applications such as Uber, Careem, Swvl, and inDriver - private car drivers."
  • The Klax application broadcasts for the area surrounding the car and thus be close to people's needs with appropriate advertisements. The advertisements may have discounts in various shops and the Egyptian market, which catch customers' attention to hearing it. Here it is achieved to reach the right person in the right place at the right time.


Knowing the offers available next to his location, in addition to the profit that the platform guarantees him in return for listening to broadcast advertisements, and this profit helps him to increase his income


knowing the offers at the right time and place and benefiting from them