Posted On: Sunday - 26 June 2022 Win with KLAX ADS

Win with KLAX ADS

Drivers occupy an enormous category in Egypt at present. Despite their large numbers, the obstacles facing them to achieve profits are considered large and affect the financial return they obtain but after KLAX ADS it is a different situation.

Amid the heavy traffic of Cairo, the street is crowded with many people who start their day going to work Or whatever their destination, including those who take public transportation or drive their cars. As a result, the congestion shows signs of fatigue and stress in drivers.

Based on the latest statistics from ُEgypt Mobilization and Statistics Authority, The number of cars at the end of 2020 reached 10.8 million cars, that is, the number of drivers currently may be more than 10 million, of whom his work depends on being a driver, which is his source of profit.

Here appears the drivers' crisis in search of making profits in light of this severe congestion that disrupts their traffic, and this is not the only crisis facing drivers, but also the annoyance of the lack of passengers and the long drive around in search of a customer to ride in his car. Although the job is easy to perform, the obstacles they face are not simple, and they cannot rely on the value of a stable income because it changes from time to time according to circumstances.

But all these crises have a solution to achieve stable profits and financial income to support them.

If you are a driver (owner or taxi), you can now download the KLAX ADS, "the first audio advertising platform in the Middle East and Africa" that provides a financial profit for drivers.

Earn money by listening to KLAX ADS:

KLAX ADS is an audio advertising platform that broadcasts ads based on the car moves, as these ads stop automatically when the car stops. It also provides a financial profit for drivers who use the application. Whenever the driver listens to the ADS he gets paid in return.d

The driver shows his earned money through the wallet in the application that the driver obtained in exchange for listening to the displayed advertisements appear. Threads are broadcast at intervals so as not to cause inconvenience to the driver and those with him.

Hence, the KLAX ADS application was able to help the driver achieve profits and a guaranteed financial return with him every time he activates the application while he is in the car. The win doesn't stop on the direct method of obtaining the money only, but also on knowing the offers and discounts displayed in the advertisements which are already about the nearest brand.

We now can say that KLAX ADS managed to transform the driver crisis that he faces daily from waiting and vacation while standing in the middle of traffic or while trying to find a customer for an advantage through which he can make profits.