Posted On: Thursday - 30 June 2022 The Impact of Technology on Marketing and Advertising

The Impact of Technology on Marketing and Advertising

New technology has changed the form, concept, and method of marketing and advertisements from its predecessor to keep pace with the features of the current era.

The advertising industry has been on a continuous path of development during the ages, which pushed the advertisers to choose the most creative and newest way in marketing to catch their target audience and create their marketing campaigns.

The impact of technology in changing the form of marketing:

Technology has become occupying the developers and programmers' minds because of its importance. Whether in entertainment or service and even in the field of advertising campaigns. Where technology has contributed to creating a new generation of marketing and use it to create advertising campaigns by technology helps more accurately reach the target customers.

One of the best trends recently used in advertising is smartphone applications, which are considered essential aid that facilitates and accomplishes daily life tasks for us. The scope of these applications has also expanded to help spread advertising campaigns through them. These applications help their users to get a profit too.

Smartphones applications as advertiser channels:

Smartphones and their applications are widely spread and used by all ages. The importance of applications didn't stop at this point, and it expanded to specialize in creating advertising campaigns because of the great spread achieved by these applications to reach different categories of users and getting a profit for the advertiser to ensure the feed of advertising among a large number of customers.

From here, the advertising industry has become directly proportional to the expansion of technology (the more technology develops, the more the advertiser can reach the target customers with lower advertising costs and a greater success rate for advertising).

KLAX ADS is one of the most important and prominent of these applications. Through the platform's website, the advertiser can display his advertisement in an audio format. It provides him with targeting steps in a simple way, where he can target the specific area to reach and spread his brand name. He can also choose the times to podcast his audio ad. Based on the specified charge, he can buy a group of advertisements at less cost than other platforms.

KLAX ADS expanded its privileges to make profits for the driver who uses the application. While he listens to the ads, he gets more points and then converts these points into money at the beginning of each month, and the driver's earnings range from 480 EGP up to 1200 EGP per month.

So, if you want the success of your advertising campaign, learn about modern and appropriate marketing techniques and follow up technology to use the best modern advertising means. You can also now create your ad on the KLAX ADS platform without the need for an intermediary to create your campaign.

But if you own a car and want to find a solution to increase your income without the need to add more working hours or effort, do not hesitate to take advantage of the opportunity provided by KLAX ADS without any requirements. Just download the application.