Posted On: Monday - 06 June 2022 Marketing Campaigns for Best Promoting to your Brand

Marketing Campaigns for Best Promoting to your Brand

The Marketing campaigns or advertising industry play the primary role for all merchants and entrepreneurs to present their products or services to the audience. So they promote their brand to get a better share of market fame.

Advertising campaign platforms:

There are many means of ads industry like the Visual Advertising industry (Newspaper - Magazines - T.V Ads - Billboard - Website Ads - Social Media Ads).

And Audio Advertising ( Radio - and recently KLAX ADS " The first audio advertising platform in the Middle East and North Africa it's broadcasting based on targeting the nearest customers of the brand."

But because of the spreading advertising industry idea, crowding the market with the different offers, advertisers need to get more sales and win the race among many competitors, so creating a successful marketing campaign is not as easy to work as some believe. It's not confined to creating an ad, but it needs an organized plan and professionally targeting to get the right person in the right place at the right time.

As a result of this crowding, the advertisers are facing some obstacles:

1. Annoyed the customers by the many ads:

The spreading in the advertising industry and a significant increase in the number of advertisers led to the public's dislike of some advertising platforms because the ads are interrupting their daily lives at inappropriate times.

Hence the ads are not harmful, but the presenting way of ads is the main reason for positive or negative impact on customers.

2. Customer Targeting:

50% of the marketing campaigns fall into the trap of wrongly targeting customers and reaching them at inappropriate times and places, Which leads to the advertisement not getting the desired attention from customers and the failure of the advertising campaign.

3. Advertising cost:

because the cost of advertising has increased significantly recently. It leads to allocating a large part of the money to create an advertising campaign that may succeed or fail. In return, the number of leads is low relative to the cost.


As a result of these difficulties and the modern and continuous technological developments of our time, it is necessary to keep up with the times and the emergence of a more attractive advertising platform for customers at a lower cost than other platforms. So the idea of KLAX ADS came as "The first audio advertising platform" to solve problems and difficulties through:

1. Customers Attraction:

KLAX ADS platform is featured by being a source of profit for drivers. Directly by earning money and indirectly by knowing the offers and discounts surrounding him while driving and located near the brand, which increases the willingness of the customers to listen to the Application's Ads.

2. New Targeting Techniques:

Klas Ads can target the nearest customers to the brand location, which increases the willingness of the customers to have the presented offer because he is already near to him.

3. Less Cost Compared to Other Platforms:

The adverts cost on KLAX ADS is the lowest compared to other platforms. Also, the percentage of the listeners per day is much higher compared to other platforms and guarantees the advertisement was listened to by the customer, not only reached him.

Share your ad now with KLAX ADS:

If you have a brand and need to create and promote it on KLAX ADS you can make it now in easy steps:

  • Create an account on the website
  • Follow the steps and enter the ad's information you need

If there is no audio recording of the advertisement, you can write the advertising content, and the team will register it and display it on the appointments and the area you have selected.