Posted On: Wednesday - 15 June 2022 Earn money by listening to Ads

Earn money by listening to Ads

Every Day, we are exposed to thousands of advertisements of various kinds, even if these marketing campaigns are audio or visual. Often we consider the time we spend on advertising to be wasted time and can't be profitable.

Have we ever asked ourselves what if these advertisements benefit us financially? How much will you earn per month from listening to these advertising campaigns?

From here, LAX ADS idea appears as the first audio advertising platform to help drivers make money using it.

KLAX ADS' idea is about targeting the car drivers all over Egypt to help them invest their time during their daily trips with their car.

The application relies on broadcasting advertisements for the brand near the car location, which helps the driver enjoy indirect profit by knowing the available offers at the right time and near it, and direct profit by getting money for audio ads.

How does KLAX ADS work?

  • The application is characterized by ease of use as it only requires the user to create a personal account by following some steps, like entering the car data and the owner.
  • The application target all the drivers in Egypt.
  • The app works through the connection of the driver's phone with the car by Bluetooth or AUX link.
  • The application broadcasts advertisements for the nearest brands while the car moves, and the ads automatically hold when the car stops.
  • Mobile data activation is required to broadcast ads.

How can you earn money?

  • The users get reports about the successful and heard advertising
  • The driver can receive the money at the end of each month by:
    • Transfer to a phone wallet such as (Vodafone Cash, etc.)
    • Transfer to the bank account
    • Cash to the driver at his address

Now is your chance to increase your income with KLAX ADS. Download the application now from here.