Posted On: Tuesday - 21 June 2022 5 Steps to Create a Successful Advertising Campaign

5 Steps to Create a Successful Advertising Campaign

Creating an advertising campaign is the most effective way to attract and motivate the audience to make purchases. And it's an essential step to improve the brand image.

Merchants and entrepreneurs resort to the advertising industry to promote a product or service, announcing a new available offer or discount for a while and increasing public awareness of the brand's values and message.

KLAX ADS is the first audio advertising platform broadcasting an audio advertisement on the car surrounding the brand's location. It also aims to connect all parties involved in making a profit.

The advertiser makes a profit by displaying his advertisement innovatively and effectively.

The driver makes a profit by getting paid for listening to ads.

The advertiser can create a new ad with simple steps. For the advertisement to obtain the highest results and achieve the desired profit and goals must follow some rules and methods that are indispensable in the planning stage of the advertising campaign.

Planning steps for creating an advertising campaign:

1. Set your goals:

When creating an audio advertising campaign on KLAX ADS, must clear the campaign objective.

Ask yourself why you are creating this campaign? Do you want to spread the brand name or get more purchasing?

So that you can deliver the right message at the right time, you have to determine the campaign goal before taking any other step because the following steps are reflected in it.

2. Target your customer's locations:

Target the best place for your customers to be. Because targeting potential customers accurately and getting your ad to them in the right location plays an essential role in attracting the audience to get the advertised offer.

This point makes KLAX ADS unique. There is no other platform, visual or audio platform, that can target the nearest customer for your brand.

The importance of this point is due to:

  • The brand growth and the flocking of many to the brand location because they are already near the place.
  • Spreading the brand name and promoting awareness.

3. choose the ad's time:

Choose the right time to display your advertisement ( the prime time)to build up the customer's desire to buy the offered product or service and help get more customers to the brand.

The advertiser is the most knowledgeable about the prime time to display his ad, and he can select the preferred time while following the steps of creating the advertisement on the KLAX ADS platform.

4. Use the right content:

KLAX ADS presents audio advertising so that you have to choose the content with simple buzzwords to deliver the ad mean to the customer and get their attention to listen and interact with the offered product or service.

KLAX ADS also provides a technical support team and an account manager that you can contact with them to discuss and get the best content and format for advertising

5. Determine the campaign budget:

It means the money you will spend throughout the campaign period, and by determining the campaign budget, you can buy several ads that suit you, which is less expensive than other marketing platforms. And display them in the areas and dates you specify as an advertiser.

Tips to improve your advertising campaign:

Finally, here is some tips from (Confessions of an Advertising Man) Book by David Ogilvy:

  • make your ad unique and creative
  • Choose your words carefully
  • Be honest and real
  • Accurately define your campaign goals